A web site is the fusion of art, science and technology. Together they are used to create a visually stimulating and highly functional site that makes a lasting positive impression on your current and future customers.

Experienced in cutting-edge computer programming and high-end graphic design, our designers will work with you to develop the overall look of your site utilizing either your existing company material or create a totally new exciting web site with a unique look and feel. From database design and programming to state of the art e-commerce applications, the Rebirth Designs web team can establish your company's presence from start to finish. While most web development companies' core focus is on aesthetics, Rebirth Designs focuses on three equally important areas: Design, Navigation and Functionally.

We can scale the level of development from something relatively simple, such as a static site to something more complex that utilizes features such as dynamic content, secure areas and database development.

E-Commerce Solutions: Proficient in e-commerce solutions and database design, our developers employ the latest and most powerful Web technologies to best suit the needs of your business.

Web Design & Development: With experienced designers we can offer the following services:

  • Custom graphics for your web site.
  • Digitally alter photographs for your company's use.
  • Logo designs unique for your site.
  • Print media design (ie. Postcards, Business Cards, Banners, Etc.)
  • Complete Identity package - (This includes the logo design, website and business card design)

We provide high quality services & innovative solutions for the realiable growth

Our Process


The Feasibility phase of your project is starting point of the project - if it's not strong and carefully defined, execution of the project may run into difficulties. During this phase of the project, we define the groundwork which will allow us to complete the project within the given timeframe. During this time, we:

  • Hold an initial meeting to determine the scope of the project.
  • Request hosting information and outline any additional requirements for project completion.
  • Conduct verbal discussion and map site architecture.
  • Identify and define goals and criteria.
  • Discuss project specifications & client site concepts.
  • Research and site development strategies.
  • Identify target audience and regional demographics.
  • Establish deadlines and milestones and possible delays for project completion.

The design process is one of creative and visual problem solving. It is where we will attempt to extract the client's vision and give it a visual representation. Once we have examined the many design possibilities and carefully brought them into focus, we will work to effectively communicate the company's vision to the world. During this time, we:

  • Design two unique design concepts (home and sub pages) that effectively communicate your company's message.
  • Design a custom GUI interface that maximizes the display of your company's information.
  • Inspect draft and final sets of client revisions, after which we will present site design mockups for your review. We then incorporate changes, feedback, comments, and ideas into second and final drafts.

During the development phase, all the backend, programming, and development are completed. Our developers utilize the latest technologies to deliver a project that will be state of the art. During this time, we:

  • Address which technologies will be used for the development of this project and the platform which will host the application.
  • Communicate with you via email and/or phone a status report outlining the progress of the site development.
  • Post progress reports, information and drafts to our development web server for your review.

The initial stage of beta testing is done internally on our private devlopment server, then as the site passes the initial testing, it is moved to a public development server where further testing will take place so as to help us refine and fine tune the site for maximum performance. During this phase, we:

  • Establish a public testing area on a development web server for your review.
  • Work closely with you to test all aspects of your site operations.
  • Perform repeat testing of the site until we can make sure that site will runs flawlessly
  • Optimize download speeds of graphics and pages throughout the site which will be optimized for the latest and greatest web browsers.

Here is where we your site is released and made live, followed by careful review of your site. Because we pride ourselves with making sure that our clients are satisfied, we work with you to make sure your site is functioning properly. During the finalize and release phase of your project we:

  • Upload and optimize all graphics, animations and files for optimal performance.
  • If applicable back up your existing site to an external device for archiving.
  • Transfer the completed new site to an external device and send it to you for storage.